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Tattersall Training
About Tattersall Training

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The tattersall training approach
People often tell us they have seen immediate benefits from attending our customer service, and leadership and management courses. This delights us. Providing tried, tested and proven training that can be used straight away forms the heart of our approach.   Will you have this experience of our training?  We can't say for sure. However, we do know that thousands of our customers have said they got what they came for, and loved the way they got it.

Relaxed and challenging
We all know how hard learning becomes when we feel tense. Equally, if we get too relaxed we lack motivation.  The ideal state has a perfect balance between relaxation and motivation. Anyone who has a favourite hobby will know exactly what we mean.  We design our courses to stretch people's abilities in a relaxed way. We want our customers to get the best out of their course and out of themselves.

It's not what you learn it's the way that you learn it
We learn best when we enjoy ourselves in a focused and purposeful way. However, a few people do enjoy getting a numb bum while an 'expert' stands up and tells them what to do. If this describes you then you probably won't enjoy our courses.

Our courses have numerous  interesting and varied activities to engage, involve and develop each individual whatever his or her preferred style of learning.

Givers gain
We believe giving offers more rewards than taking.  For this reason we donate part of our income to charities and voluntary groups who work to help create a better, fairer world.  We also give reduced rates for not-for-profit organisations.  We have also donated the odd course to a cause we really believe in.

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Benefits Methods Equality Who we are